Fryd Carts Berry Blow Pop

Fryd Extracts Berry Blow Pop is one of the new flavors in our recently released fryd liquid diamonds. Berry Blow Pop is one of the flavors. Berry Blow Pop is filled with high-quality, uncured cannabis that has been directly extracted. Fryd liquid diamonds delivers a full spectrum cannabis extract while maintaining the original flavor profile. This craft THCA cannabis oil, which is released seasonally and in small quantities, creates the ultimate entourage effect by combining potent cannabinoids with a wide range of terpenes. The effects of Berry Blow Pop and other disposable Fryd Liquid Diamonds are indica-forward, laying heavily on the limbs while stimulating and uplifting the mind. When dealing with everyday aches and pains, nausea, and stress, these characteristics make for an effective strain.

Fryd Extracts places an emphasis not only on product design but also on product quality. A few of our employees tried some of our flavors in liquid diamonds, and the effects lasted nearly three hours.


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